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This western Pacific archipelago boasts an amazing mix of pristine reefs, vertigo-inducing dropoffs, thrilling drift dives, abundant marine life and fascinating WWII shipwrecks. Palau offers truly world-class diving, with something for divers at all levels. With over 1,500 species of fish and 700
species of coral, the biodiversity here is truly enormous. When it comes to diving excitement, many well-traveled divers place Palau at the very top of their list. Spread over a large area, the dive sites are highly varied with a wide diversity of terrain and marine life. While many of the dive sites are in calm waters, some of Palau's best dives are known for their strong current and coincident population of large pelagic animals such as sharks and rays. The wet season is May to November. March and April are the best time to see sharks, with fewer turning up in May, October and November.