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Cocos Island


Situated in the Golden Triangle, 550KM off the mainland of Costa Rica, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the converging nutrient-rich currents from nearby deep water attract multitudes of pelagic action to Cocos. The island has around 20 dive sites, from shallow but steep vertical walls, drift diving, to deep pinnacles down to over 40 meters, and blue water diving. The eco-system offering us a rare glimpse into a world where nature reigns supreme, allowing the marine and island creatures to interact undistured and thrive in the process. You will witness huge group of hammerhead shark, some numbering in their hundreds! But there are other regular shark species encounters too, most notably whitetip reef shark, Galapagos shark, Silky shark, Tiger shark, Blacktip and Silvertip shark as well as Guitar shark. Rays of all different type, turtles, dolphins, marlin, school of jack fish and whales are frequent visitors to Cocos. The famoous submerged mountains "Alcyone" and "Bajo Dos Amigos" are the main diving spots to see hundred of hammerhead sharks and large fish action. Malpelo Island is located about 500 kilometers off the coast of Colombia. Malpelo was declared by UNESCO as a Natural World Heritage Site in 2006. It is an island of volcanic origin and only has a length of about 800 meters. Hundred schools of hammerhead sharks, white tip sharks, turtles, silk and possibly endemic species make this place one of the best places in the world to observe sharks. Diving conditions in this area are extreme, because often several hot and cold currents meet in Malpelo. Consequence currents are reduced and sometimes very poor visibility. A phenomenon that frequently recur in Cocos and Malpelo are 'baitballs'. Schools of small fish are usually formed by hundreds of sardines are joined into a ball, for protection, when being threatened or attacked. This strategy is to intimidate or confuse the predator. Cruises to Cocos have a minimum duration of 10 days, taking into account that the navigation from the port of Puntarenas to Cocos Island is 36 hours. To visit Malpelo, the safest way is departing from Costa Rica. There are cruises available for at least 12 days combining Cocos Islands and Malpelo.