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A trip to the Galapagos Island will be a journey of a lifetime. Galapagos is located 1,000Km from the Ecudorian mainland, the archipelago consist of 13 major islands and the estimated age of the islands is between 3 and 10 million years. It is also one of the most active volcanic areas in the world. The Galapagos is definitely one of the best diving destinations in the world. In 1959, the government of Ecuador declared all uninhabited areas (95%) of Galapagos a National Park. The rest of the 5% is home to approximately 14,000 persons. Being affected by the cold oceanic current from the Antartica and the warm current from the tropical Pacific, the marine wildlife is a combination of cold and tropical water. Though it is not recommended to novice divers due to its strong and unpredictable currents, sea swells and surges etc in some areas. However, one will be rewarded by the incredibly sighting of schooling hammerhead shark, Galapagos shark, whale shark which is the largest in size of the planet, silky shark, dolphin as well as sea lion, fur seal, marine iguana, penguin, turtle and different types of ray. With some luck one may even see a sperm whale or an orca during a drift dive. The duration of the best cruise is normally 8 days. And the common best route turn out to be the main islands along with a 3 days extension to Wolf and Darwin islands. It is also possible to see the giant Galapagos tortoise in its nature environment. For those nature lovers who would like to visit the topside wildlife of Galapagos, it is possible to combine a separate naturalist cruise with the dive cruise. The contrast of the wildlife on land and underwater has made Galapagos unique in the world.