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Socorro Island
The best known of the Revillagigedos of Mexico is Socorro Island. 450 km west from Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, the 15km wide island and its surrounding waters have become synonymous with diving cruises and big fish action, particularly manta rays, sharks (hammerheads, silkies, oceanic whitetips, silvertips, Galapagos sharks, tiger sharks and whale sharks), dolphins and even whales.
Diving in Socorro is not to expect colourful reef scenes for it's all about the animals. The sea floor is volcanic and the geothermal activity is on-going with lava tubes on the sea floor rising like chimneys. The dull substrate is really only decorated by a few hard corals and barnacles, so it is just as well the big fish action is so entrancing. Considering such incredible diving encounters with marine megafauna in a remote and rich underwater environment, it is obvious why Socorro and its neighbours are sometimes called 'The Galapagos of Mexico’.
The only way to visit Socorro is by liveaboard during the months from November until May.