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The Northern part of Sulawesi is an area of high quality of scuba diving which dramatically related to its world's unique high diversity. The area covers of over 75,000 hectares had been declared as National Park in 1991. Bunaken National Marine Park is composed of 5 islands: Manado Tua, Nain, Siladen, Montehage and Bunaken. Fishing is strictly prohibited within the park area. Bunaken National Park offers a plethora of wall experiences for scuba divers. Due to abundant rich nutrients in its tropical water, it offers a wide variety of species like sponges of all sizes, extremely healthy grown hard and soft corals, giant gorgonians and one of the highest biodiversity of reef fishes in the world.


Lembeh Strait is a world known paradise of "Muck Diving". The area is covered by sandy bottom full of the most extraordinary and rarest macro creatures on the planet.